Website service & administration

The ICLAM Foundation supports all events related acitvities. This included the administration and support of all websites related to These services are rendered to the ICLAM and its committees for free. However, the conference organizing committees are free to hire commercial webbuilders at their own costs.

Free drupal websites for national associations
National Associations of Insurance Medicine (Nationals AIMs) may make use of the services of the ICLAM Foundation. This service falls under the goal of the foundation, as they will lead to a closer bond between the members of the National AIMS and ICLAM, of which the ICLAM conferences will benefit.

We will provide your National AIM with the following:

  1. Drupal website with URL "" [x = the acronym of your association];
  2. Setup and administration in your own language;
  3. Full encryption ("");
  4. Defining numerous roles for functionaries of your association, with role defined access to content - even per page;
  5. Automatic recognition of mobile devices and tablets;
  6. Versitile setup pending on page, role and device;
  7. A large number of themes to choose from (see;
  8. An extensive choice of functionalities, like Blog, Contact form, Countdown to events, Extensive webform with download facilities, Forum, Galeries, Polls, RSS Feeds, and many more;
  9. Security updates by the ICLAM Foundation;
  10. Privacy: the ICLAM Foundation will fully respect the privacy of the association and its members;
  11. No costs involved;
  12. Online payment modules: only if liability claims can be excluded and the National AIM has the necessary insurance cover.

The Statutes of the ICLAM Foundation prevent the foundation to render any service that is harmful to its goal: supporting ICLAM events. For this reason we ask in return for our service, that the national association will inform its members of any ICLAM event and will not harm the ICLAM events in any way, and that your country is (or will be as soon as possible) represented in the ICLAM Bureau.

If you are interested in our service, please contact your representative in the ICLAM Bureau or any ICLAM Board member.

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