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The ICLAM Foundation is a non-profit organization, whose statutary goal is to organize and support Insurance Medicine events.

The Board of the Foundation receives no fees, nor any expense allowance and is not supported by any staff. The Foundation has no fixed incomes, but a lot of fixed costs: e.g. website hosting and security, insurance, bank account, registration chamber of commerce.

To be able to continue supporting events, we fully depend on donations. We would be very grateful if you would like to sponsor us, however small the amount (but with a minimum of 10 euro). You can use the donation form on this page. We can't offer you income tax advantages (if any), as our application for the official status will only be filed in 2018. Your donation will only be used for activities mentioned in our statutary goals.

As the costs are relatively low, so are the donations. If would like to support theinternational community substantially, please contact the organizing committee of the next ICLAM world conference of insurance medicine. They will be glad with any new sponsor of the conference.


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