Welcome to the ICLAM Foundation

On this website you will find information on the ICLAM Foundation (Stichting ICLAM), a registered non-profit institute.

The ICLAM Foundation has been responsible for the organization of the 2016 conference. In the future the ICLAM Foundation will focus on support of the organizing committees of future ICLAM conferences. It handles the administration of ICLAM websites (see menu). As registered institute with societal relevant goal, it will fully support the ICLAM Award (see menu).

More detailed information about ICLAM can be found at the ICLAM websites. Click Portal in the menu above to get to your ICLAM portal, where you will find links to ICLAM websites.

ICLAM Foundation

Founded 4 June 2010
Statutes revised 23 February 2017

Statutary Residence : Barchemseweg 24, 7271 SM, BORCULO, Netherlands
RSIN : 822593889
Chambre of Commerce : 50118870, registration 7 June 2010, revised registration 23 February 2017
Rabobank Account : NL38RABO0108423158, Stichting ICLAM
Bank data : RABONL2U(XXX), Croeselaan 18, 3521 CB, UTRECHT, Netherlands
President & acting Secretary : Robert Kneepkens, MD MSc, Netherlands
Vice President : Detloff Rump, MD MSc, Hong Kong
Treasurer : Philip Strasser, MD MSc, Switzerland
Contact : foundation AT iclam.org, +31 6 11723890

See the Dutch welcome page "Stichting (NL)" for a copy of the Statutes. See below for a digitally signed abstract from the register of the Chambre of Commerce.

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